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Reliable and robust locks are the first way of security for any commercial building. That is the reason why businesses use the best locks for protecting their stores, offices, and businesses. Imagine you are stuck outside your office. What will you do? If you simply want to upgrade the security system in your building then what will you do? The answer is very obvious you will look for a commercial locksmith just like Prime Locksmith who knows more than just usual rekeying.

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    What is a Commercial Locksmith?

    A commercial locksmith is someone who can provide all kinds of lock and security-related services to industrial and commercial clients. Locksmiths are skilled professionals who have a strong history I dealing with locks and other security systems. Locksmithing is one of the oldest occupations in the world. Its history can be traced back 4000 years. People in the past hire locksmiths for protecting their treasures from thieves. With time this profession has become very complex and new modern and powerful locking mechanisms were developed. Locksmiths can meet the needs of small as well as big commercial buildings.



    If you are ever locked out of your office and require help in accessing your keys then you must hire a commercial locksmith. Many people think that commercial locksmiths can only open locked doors but this is not true. They are professionals who can help you in protecting the safety of your businesses as well as your homes. This kind of locksmith service provides system installation and security services for industrial and commercial organizations.


    We at Prime Locksmith usually install analog/digital locks on doors, compartments, work drawers, safes, windows, and security systems (like access control systems, security cameras, and anti-theft alarms). Our Licensed professionals can change passwords, create new keys as well a keyless input system.

    Commercial Locksmith Services Near me

    Commercial buildings need security systems with different standards as compared to automotive and residential ones. Well-trained professionals operate commercial locksmith services. They are well trained in handling a specific types of locks in businesses and amenities.

    Commercial Locksmith Services for Business

    Installing New Locks on Doors

    Both present and new businesses require new locks. Definitely, if you are getting started now you simply need a new set of locks as well as keys. If you already have an office you will need a locksmith just for managing the overall security of your business. In a few cases, you have to install new locks such as if you are taking business from the previous landlord.

    It is to calculate possible problems in the future. As a new owner, you have no idea that who the previous owner has distributed extra keys to. The problem might be caused by a previous employee who is trying to harm your business. We are more than happy to install new locks efficiently and professionally on doors.

    Repairing or Replacing Old Locks

    Possibly one of the most important roles of a locksmith is fixing a broken lock or key. It needs a professional to complete it skillfully and quickly. The lock might be malfunctioning or the key might be damaged. In the case of electronic locks, wiring can malfunction and only licensed locksmiths can resolve all these issues.

    The locksmith professionals know about how commercial locks function. They understand the situation and act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to depend upon them as they are certified to handle such issues on regular basis. Moreover, another job of a locksmith is maintaining locks more frequently than ever. It is very important to make certain that the lock will always remain in good condition.

    Unlocking or Repairing Different Types of Safes

    Businesses usually require a safe for protecting trade secrets, hard copies of other valuables, multimedia files, expensive tools, and customer information. Commercial locksmiths also offer security installation services for different kinds of safes. They have the experience a well as knowledge for suggesting different safe options for different business requirements.

    You might have installed a safe, but it may need repair or might not be unlocked. People can forget the pattern or safe, or a hardware failure, or a previous employee who has lost his job might choose to close the safe before leaving the job. Commercial Locksmiths have well-trained and certified professionals who can install a new safe, repair the old one or break into different safes.

    The efficiency of a safe depends on the quality as well as the degree of installation. By associating with a qualified and reputable commercial locksmith, a safe can be created that can meet all your needs.

    Moreover, a commercial locksmith can help you with regular maintenance to make certain the safety of your safe. Daily maintenance can include changing the combination of safety for maximizing safety. We at Prime Locksmith can suggest to you the best types of safe brands that are best according to your needs.

    Opening and Unlocking File Cabinets

    A lot of offices suffer from broken or blocked desks and cabinets. For installing or repairing these locks, you must hire the service of a professional.

    Similar to a safe, a filing cabinet is used for storing important documents only. Unfortunately, jams in file cabinets are usual. Commercial locksmiths like Prime Locksmith can unlock them very easily rather than breaking them. We also offer replacement or maintenance services for ensuring that your filing locks will always remain in the best form.

    Similar to other locks, cabinets will age and become inefficient with time. Commercial locksmiths can help with maintenance and repairs. Commercial locksmiths can also provide upgrade and replacement services for enhancing the security of desktop locks and cabinets.

    Service and Reprogramming for Digital Locks

    The world is becoming technology-driven rapidly and Prime Locksmiths are paying special attention to the need of participating in digital transformation. Fortunately, as the need for technological advancements increases, solutions have become more friendly and accessible through digital methods and tools. We at Prime Locksmith have certified and experienced technicians who are committed to learning and showering our staff with evolving issues.

    Cut Off Old Rusty Padlocks

    For cutting out the old rusty padlock prime locksmith can be called anytime. The only thing that you must do is check your mechanic carefully for finding the right locksmith such as Prime Locksmith. Mainly for construction sites, factories, warehouses, etc. a commercial locksmith can address these issues.

    You don’t have to choose any locksmith according to your situation but according to your service. If you are worried about the cost of the service you can rest assured that the prices of the Prime Locksmith are affordable because we care for you. The main thing that you must pay attention to is their ability to do the job as well as their knowledge.

    Choose Quality Commercial Locksmith Services in California

    If you ever need any kind of commercial locksmith service then Prime Locksmith is the best option for you. We have a team of professionals who can deal with all kinds of locks and other issues related to commercial amenities. You can call us anytime even during mid-night. Never compromise the safety and security of your business because of any kind of lock issues.

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