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Commercial Locksmith Services in Calabasas, CA

As the foremost provider of commercial locksmith services in Calabasas, Prime Locksmith excels in delivering unparalleled solutions for businesses. Our extensive expertise covers the entire Calabasas region, where we cater to a wide range of business needs. With an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your enterprise, we offer a comprehensive array of tailored services. Whether you require immediate assistance during an office lockout or desire the implementation of a sophisticated master key system, our seasoned locksmiths are primed to assist you.


At Prime Locksmith, we prioritize efficiency in resolving office lockouts, minimizing disruptions to your daily operations. Our meticulously designed master key systems strike a harmonious balance between convenience and optimal security, granting you precise control over access within your premises. Count on Prime Locksmith for dependable, reliable, and highly professional commercial locksmith services that will fortify your business against any security concerns.

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    24/7 Commercial Emergency Locksmith Service

    Prime Locksmith, based in Calabasas, CA, specializes in delivering top-notch commercial emergency locksmith services round the clock. Our team comprises highly skilled technicians who comprehend the urgency associated with locksmith emergencies and are wholly committed to resolving them with utmost urgency. Be it a lockout predicament, rekeying requirements, or immediate attention to a malfunctioning lock, we’ve got you covered.


    Rest assured, our adept and seasoned locksmiths are well-equipped to cater to your needs in an efficient and proficient manner. We acknowledge the significance of upholding the security of your commercial establishment, and our dependable service guarantees uninterrupted business operations. From lock installations to repairs and all other aspects, Prime Locksmith offers a comprehensive range of locksmith services tailored to meet your commercial needs.

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    Office Lockout Assistance

    Experience reliable and efficient locksmith assistance with Prime Locksmith, the premier locksmith service provider serving Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas. Our expert team specialises in offering top-notch office lockout assistance, ensuring that your business operations remain uninterrupted. In the event of a lockout, we understand the urgency and offer prompt 24/7 emergency support. Our skilled professionals employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to swiftly resolve your lockout situation, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

    From lock repairs to key replacements, our comprehensive locksmith services cover all your security needs. With Prime Locksmith, you can trust our expertise and experience a seamless entry into your office space. Regain access to your premises swiftly and securely with our trusted locksmith solutions.

    Master Key Systems

    Prime Locksmith, headquartered in Calabasas, CA, specializes in delivering cutting-edge master key systems for businesses. Our team of skilled professionals excels in providing exceptional security solutions to organizations in the Calabasas, CA area and its neighboring regions. Prime Locksmith offers round-the-clock service availability, ensuring prompt and dependable locksmith services whenever necessary.


    Our master key systems are meticulously designed to enhance security and convenience by granting controlled access to different sections of your facility. By implementing a master key system, you can streamline key management and minimize the number of keys you carry, while still ensuring that authorized personnel possess appropriate access. Our highly trained technicians work closely with you to fully comprehend your specific requirements, crafting tailored solutions that perfectly align with your security needs.

    High-Security Locks

    Prime Locksmith, a reputable locksmith company based in Calabasas, CA, excels in the realm of high-security locks. With an unwavering commitment to professionalism and expertise, we strive to fortify your premises with cutting-edge security solutions. Recognising the paramount importance of robust safeguarding, we offer an extensive assortment of high-security locks tailored to your unique requirements. 


    From state-of-the-art keyless entry systems to advanced biometric locks, our knowledgeable team possesses the proficiency to advise and install the ideal solution for you. Our adept technicians undergo regular training to remain at the forefront of lock technology advancements. As pioneers in the industry, we take pride in delivering dependable and efficient locksmith services, assuring continuous protection for your valued possessions. Entrust Prime Locksmith for all your locksmith needs in Calabasas, CA, and embrace the pinnacle of security for your invaluable assets.

    Commercial Safe Services

    Experience unparalleled locksmith services from Prime Locksmith, the industry leader in Calabasas, CA. Our dedication to safeguarding your valuable assets and sensitive information is second to none. Trust in our expertise as we offer specialized commercial safe services, tailored to meet your unique security needs. From seamless combination changes to efficient safe installation and emergency unlocking, our highly skilled technicians are available 24/7 to address any concerns you may have.



    We understand the distinct security challenges faced by businesses, which is why we provide an extensive selection of premium-quality safes designed to suit your specific requirements. With Prime Locksmith, your business assets are in capable hands, ensuring utmost protection and peace of mind. Additionally, our comprehensive range of services includes a wide array of locksmith solutions, catering to all your diverse needs. 

    Keyless Entry Systems

    Revolutionize the security and convenience of your commercial establishment in Calabasas, CA, with Prime Locksmith’s advanced Keyless Entry Systems. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in deploying and maintaining cutting-edge keyless entry solutions designed to cater to your unique business needs. Embrace the future as you bid farewell to traditional keys, embracing the numerous advantages of secure and efficient access control.


    With our Keyless Entry Systems, effortlessly manage and monitor employee access, maintain detailed entry logs, and strengthen overall security measures. Experience the seamless and reliable performance of our premium keyless entry solutions, supported by Prime Locksmith’s unparalleled expertise in installation and ongoing assistance. Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive locksmith services, delivering top-quality solutions to meet your diverse needs.

    Lock Rekeying and Replacement

    Prime Locksmith, located in Calabasas, CA, specializes in top-quality lock rekeying and replacement services. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths possess the expertise and advanced tools necessary to effectively handle all your lock-related needs. Whether you require a complete lock replacement or wish to enhance your security by rekeying your existing locks, you can rely on our team.


    At Prime Locksmith, your safety and convenience are paramount to us. Our professionals work diligently to swiftly rekey or replace your locks, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your premises. Rest assured that our meticulous attention to detail guarantees flawless functionality of your locks post-service. Don’t let a lost key or compromised lock compromise your security any longer.

    Key Duplication Service

    Discover the unparalleled Key Duplication Service offered by Prime Locksmith, a leading provider of locksmith services in Calabasas, CA. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering flawless solutions tailored to your specific key duplication requirements. Whether you need additional keys for your home or wish to authorise entry for trusted individuals, we have the expertise to meet your needs effectively.


    Using state-of-the-art technology and employing meticulous techniques, we ensure that every duplicated key precisely matches the original. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence guarantee seamless functionality and compatibility with your existing locks. With Prime Locksmith, you can rely on dependable key duplication services, providing you with the utmost convenience and peace of mind.

    Affordable 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service in California County

    Have you ever imagined yourself stuck in a car due to a faulty lock or because of forgetting keys inside the car? This is one of the most frustrating circumstances you’ve ever encountered. If you forget to remove the key from the ignition before locking the car, don’t panic and try to open the door. But don‚Äôt try a lot of force as that can damage the car door. In California, call Prime Locksmith for a professional lock opening that can offer you high-quality car remote keys right away.

    We have a staff of qualified business and residential locksmiths on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deliver the best and unmatched emergency locksmith services. Our business can help you with lock repair, broken key extraction, key unlocking, and any other lock-related issues you may have at home or in your car. So, dial our number right now to get a professional locksmith.

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